Study Tips

I've received a couple of emails from some of my lovely followers and readers regarding my study tips. They said my tips were super helpful, and they wanted to hear more, so I decided to make one list of study tips all together!

{one} make flashcards
Making flashcards are super helpful when you need to know certain topics or definitions. You can either do online flashcards through Quizlet (which has a fabulous app for iPhones and iPads!) or handwritten flashcards. I like to do both. Flashcards will allow you to test yourself and help you figure out which concepts you need to focus on more!

{two} outline the chapter
If you're having a history or science test on a chapter, outline the chapter. The outline will help you study key points instead of studying things you don't really need to know. The only bad side of outlining the chapter is it can take up a lot of time. Other than that, reading over the outline will help you memorize important points!

{three} make fake tests
Make fake tests or quizzes using information that you think (or know!) your teacher will ask you about. This will help you see what you need to study more and what you know. It's also a great way to practice taking tests in a restricted amount of time!

{four} study notes
If you take any notes in your class, study them. Everything your teacher says during a lesson is important, so it's something that you should write down to remember. Highlight and color-code your notes to help them stick in your mind. You can also write notes on your notes if you need to remember something or add something.

I do all four of these things when studying for a test or quiz, and they work really well. You can either use these tips exactly how I give them or adapt them to your own preference!

How do you study?


  1. These are great study tips! When I study, I usually read the chapter summary, re-read my notes, and study vocab by writing down the terms in my vocabulary journal I created!


  2. Quizlet is a lifesaver!!

    - Melissa