Design Darling Wants

We all know how fabulous and perfect Mackenzie Horan is. But do you know what's even more fabulous and perfect than her? Her boutique, Design Darling. Design Darling is a mixture of everything I love - totally adorable, chic, and classy items.

I often find myself looking through Design Darling on my iPad in school, and I'm in love with basically everything. I have a set wish list of what I want from her, which would be perfect to get for any kind of gifts. I'm dying to get any of the items below!

Long Tortoiseshell Necklace - $45 (which I must admit Caroline styles quite fabulously!)

So as you can see, I basically want the whole boutique... and I have no shame in admitting that! All of these items will be added to my Christmas list (and no, it isn't too early to start making a Christmas list!). But if any of you ever need to get me a gift, any of these pretty little things would be fabulous... ;)

What do you like from Design Darling?


  1. I love the Design Darling boutique so much! Mackenzie has some of the cutest monogrammed desk accessories :)


  2. All the pencils are seriously ADORABLE.