iPad Typing Case

As I've mentioned before, my school is starting the iPad initiative this year. Along with having my Lilly Pulitzer sleeve for my iPad, I decided to get a typing case as well. That way it'll be much easier to type things. Also, if I want my iPad but not the keyboard, I can just put it in my Lilly Pulitzer one.

(Don't mind my reflection in the screen...)
The case is fabulous! I love that it's pink, my favorite color. I got it off of Amazon for $20, which is a really good deal, since they're usually at least $50! The only thing I don't like is the texture of the keyboard. It's squishy and doesn't feel like an actual keyboard. It still works though, which is all I care about. And of course I have a monogram decal on the case ;) And of course it's blue and white to make the whole color combination pink, white, and blue - aka my favorite color combo!

Do you have a similar iPad case?

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  1. I don't have a similar case, but I have been wanting one. I wanted the Lilly Pulitzer case, but I heard horror stories about it..not to mention the price! I was wondering if the flap in the front gets in the way when you're using it? I would want to use it in my college courses, but it looks really long...