Summer Reflection

I can't believe today is finally my last day of summer. It literally feels like yesterday that it was just May and I was graduating from high school -- but now it's almost September, and here I am, starting college tomorrow! I had both a relaxed and productive summer, and I'm excited to share the things I have accomplished these past couple of months.

e n h a n c e d  t h e  b l o g  +  s o c i a l  m e d i a
A lot of changes definitely happened to the blog and my social media this summer. I rebranded from Private School Prepster to Lilly & Lemons, I participated in more tweet chats, I set up a blogging planner that works for me, I created my own media kit, and I found a blogging schedule that makes my life a whole lot easier. I really put a lot of time and effort into both my blog and social media -- I spent more time connecting with other bloggers + entrepreneurs, and I got back into posting consistently. I even helped one of my good friends, Jess, create her own blog! I'm thrilled with how smooth everything has been and I can't wait to continue on this blogging grind throughout the school year!

w o r k e d  l i k e  c r a z y
I worked a lot this summer, which I was actually really happy with. I worked between 4-6 days per week, averaging anywhere between 25-35 hours. Getting up at 3:30 each of those days was a killer, but working at a coffee shop does have its perks! I earned more money, saved more money, and had more money to do fun activities. I'm happy to know that I'll continue working throughout the school year.

i m p r o v e d  h e a l t h
My health improved this summer, which is a goal I've had for a while now. I've gone to the gym more, drank more water, and made healthier eating choices. I've noticed that I've cut a significant amount of soda out of my diet and replaced it with more water instead. And instead of snacking on chips when I'm hungry, I'll have a protein bar or a yogurt. It took a lot of determination, but once I created a habit, I was golden!

r e a d  m o r e
I absolutely love to read because it's so relaxing and it's such a stress reliever. I always get so disappointed that I rarely have the time to read during the school year, so I was thrilled that I had a ton of time to read as much as I wanted. I read a ton of books that I never would have gotten to read earlier on in the year!

What did you accomplish this summer?


  1. Sounds like you had a great summer! My summer consisted of pretty similar things... a lot of blogging, working, and reading! I only have 2 more days of summer too yet I am so excited to go to college!
    xo, Scarlett

  2. I like reading this one. Reflections are always a time to pause and look back and ponder !

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