Freshman Year Goals

It's so weird to think that today is my freshman year of college when it seems like I was just entering high school yesterday! It's going to be a huge change, so I'm very nervous and very excited at the same time -- but I know that whatever happens, I'll be okay.

I like to come up with goals to accomplish each school year, and this year's goals were definitely different to come up with.

b a l a n c e  e v e r y t h i n g
I totally have a ton of things to balance this upcoming year -- social life, homework, work, blogging, + sleep. But I'm determined to balance it all! I don't want to focus on school and work so much that I'm losing out on having fun, blogging, and sleeping. But I also don't want to focus on going out, blogging, and sleeping so much that I end up with poor grades and almost no money. It'll be a lot of trial and error to come up with a consistent schedule that works for me, but I'm determined to make it all work.

d o  n o t  s t r e s s
I haven't stressed much about school since my sophomore year of high school. But since I am going to be in a completely different school environment, I'm worried that I will start to stress over the huge change. My goal is to just take deep breaths and RELAX! Whatever happens, happens. Don't get worked up over the little things if you're trying your best.

 j o i n  a  c l u b
One of the things that has me looking forward to college is all of the club options. I would love to join my school's marketing association and any other club involving business. And if it involves social media, that's even better! Clubs look great on resumes, and they're an easy way to gain experience in your major.

s t a r t  f r e e l a n c i n g
After connecting with so many fabulous bloggers + entrepreneurs in tweet chats, I've been inspired to start freelancing. I really want to get into social media consulting + social media management. I know that I need to get into my school routine and do a lot of research before this can even happen, but I'm so excited! I can't wait to get started towards my dream career.

c o n t i n u e  r e a d i n g
I love how much I get to read in the summer, and it definitely makes me realize how much I miss out on when I can't read during the school year. College schedules are so much more flexible and open than high school schedules, so I'm hoping to get in more reading time and read every day. Whether I have to get up half an hour earlier than usual to read in the morning or not go on social media half an hour before bedtime to read at night, then I will make those commitments!

g e t  g o o d  g r a d e s
This one is obvious, but I really want to get good grades! I'm taking all core classes, besides Business 101, so I should (hopefully!) have a fairly easy semester. I can't wait to look through my school Pinterest board for study tips because I have been pinning them like crazy lately!

h a v e  f r e e  S u n d a y s
I'm a firm believer in the fact that a Sunday well spent brings a week of content. Sundays are really important for regrouping from the busy week that just passed and preparing for the new week that's about to happen. I would really love to have "free" Sundays. I work each Sunday morning from 5 AM-11 AM, but my goal is to have absolutely nothing to do after work. I will use whatever free time I have during the week and bust my butt to do homework just so I can have a whole day to relax -- preferably to read, blog, watch Netflix, and enjoy the upcoming football Sundays!

What are your goals for this upcoming school year?


  1. I love all of these! College can be easier to balance because of your free time, but that also makes it harder! Sunday's are my favorite, and this is such a great idea! Good luck with your freshman year, you're going to have such a fun time!

  2. I love all of these. Definitely don't stress in college and be sure to enjoy it! When I look back on my college days those were my most favorite and cherished memories. Soak it all in and enjoy every minute of this time in your life! It'll fly by in the blink of an eye (:

  3. Great goals to have as you enter in to such an important chapter of your life! College is the best - you will learn so much both in and out of the classroom.. I wish I could go back :)

  4. I think these are fabulous goals for your freshman year. You're going to have such an exciting year girl, yeee so exciting!!!

  5. Ah you are going to have such an amazing time! If I could give you one piece of advice it would be to accept the fact that college may not be everything you hope for right at the start. I know this sounds sad but it just takes a while to get into the swing of these, to find your niche, and to find the right group of friends. It make take a semester for everything to gel but I promise once it does, everything clicks and college becomes the best!! Good luck :)

    Annie // Annie N Belle

  6. These are all great goals!
    Good luck in college, girl.
    Totally living vicariously through you right now.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  7. These are all excellent goals! I'm not in college, but I'm trying to find that balance between work, blogging, and having a social life [it is hard when you work retail, and most of your friends have Mon-Fri jobs].

  8. These are all such great goals, and I think they'll make your first year of college one to remember! Best of luck to you!

  9. So many great goals! Can't wait to see progress!

  10. I love your advice! Your relaxing Sunday is my Saturday. I like to make sure my plans that day are purely for enjoyment or me time. Sunday I work a seven hour shift and get my homework for the week done so Saturdays work best! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Congrats, how exciting!! I am really excited for you, a new journey and new all of your goals and i wish you luck

  12. These are all such great goals and good luck in college, girl!

  13. You got this girl! Balance is KEY to a success first year! Like you said, there will be lots of trial and error but once you set a routine the year will be a breeze. Good luck!

    How 2 Wear It []

  14. Good luck this year! I hope you had an amazing first day!


  15. These are great goals! My best advice is to focus really hard on your grades your first year of college. It's easier to bounce back later on if you have a great GPA foundation instead of focusing on other things your first year and spending the rest of your college career trying to build that up. You're going to do AMAZING!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  16. Good Luck! You will be fine. You already have set goal for making it through your first year. Find out what clubs makes a great impact on campus and get involved. They will keep you busy but you will find great rewards in the end.

    xoxo Dani

  17. This is the perfect time to start freelancing. A friend at work just told me that he got most of his current freelancing contacts from starting the relationship in college.

  18. Freshman year is the best and I wish I could go back! Have a blast, and remember to have fun!!

    Alicia Tenise

  19. These are some good tips. I miss college and freshman year was such a blast! One big tip I'd give is savor every moment!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

  20. these are great tips- I'm a junior/senior and I still need to use these!

  21. Freshmen year is such a WHIRLWIND! Remember to soak in every second and not take yourself too seriously. It really flies by!

    Coming Up Roses