YES, White After Labor Day

I'm always hearing that gals "shouldn't wear white before Memorial Day Weekend or after Labor Day." But I think that yes, you SHOULD wear white after labor day! In Massachusetts, it's going to continue to have temperatures in the 90s through the week after Labor Day. So break out the white shorts, ladies!

And once it starts to cool down, I'm still going to wear my white pants from Old Navy to go with the tunic I got from the Lilly Pulitzer #AfterPartySale because I love that outfit and it's just too hot to wear right now. I'll admit that in the winter I don't always like the look of white pants -- but only in certain situations. If you can totally rock the white pants look in the cold weather, do it, girl! If you've got it, flaunt it.

I'm basically just rambling about how I hate society shames girls for wearing white before or after its "specified date." If you can pull it off and like how you look, do it! Don't let the "traditional way" prevent you from wearing what you love.

Anybody else with me on this?!


  1. YES. I totally agree!
    - Ruth S. |

  2. YES! I hate that silly (AND OLD) rule of no white after Labor Day. I mean come on! Glad we agree. I'll wear my white pants with pride. The rule should be 'wear nude panties when wearing white bottoms'. I mean, THAT makes sense....

  3. I wore white jeans today and am hoping you are right!

  4. Totally agree with you. I actually heard someone on the radio this morning talking about how they are wearing their white pants today because it's a no-no after today. If it looks good on you, wear it. Period. I have already made plans to wear white (tomorrow) Why am I wearing white? Because...that's why :-)