What Every Blogger Needs With Them

I never leave the house unprepared because you never know when you'll need something related to blogging. Yes, I think of my blog as a 24-hour job ... #BloggerProblems. Whether you're a professional blogger or you're just starting out, there are a few necessities that you should never leave your house without as a blogger!

o n e || notebook
My blogger notebook has everything I could possibly need related to blogging -- blog post ideas, collaborations, to-do list, outfits to wear in shoots, etc. I always bring my notebook with me because you never know when inspiration is going to strike! Out and about at the bookstore and picked up the perfect summer reads that you just have to blog about? Write it down. Shopping and bought the cutest new outfit that you want to show off? Write it down. Some bloggers prefer to write blogging things down in their notes on their phone, but I'm pretty paranoid that one day I'll lose everything on my phone, so I like to keep a physical copy.

t w o || iPhone
This one is obvious, because I don't think a blogger is ever seen without her cell phone #BloggerProblems. I keep my cell phone with me not only for obvious reasons but also to check emails, post on social media, and even snap some pictures to feature on Instagram and/or blog posts.

t h r e e || planner
I keep two planners with me -- my personal planner that I use for school, work, etc. and my blogging planner that I use to write down blog post dates and collaboration deadlines. It's nice to carry this around with me if I have some free time while out (aka sipping my venti iced green tea unsweetened in Starbucks #SorryNotSorry) to sit down and do some planning!

f o u r || camera
One thing I don't have that I am dying to get is a professional camera. However, if I did have one, I would totally bring it with me everywhere because I am always looking to take outfit photos. My boyfriend and I have gone to so many places this summer that are the perfect location for outfit photos, but we're rarely able to take pictures just because the camera quality on an iPhone isn't so great. Having a camera handy is perfect for those spontaneous quick-take-a-picture-beacause-my-outfit-is-super-cute-today-and-this-location-is-awesome moments!

f i v e || business cards
I haven't had the chance to make business cards for Lilly & Lemons yet, but when I had some for Private School Prepster, I brought them everywhere with me -- especially to events meant for bloggers! You never know when you're going to run into another blogger, a reader, or a small local business owner interested in working with you. It's super easy to just hand someone a business card instead of verbally saying all of your information to them!

What do you think every blogger needs to have with them?


  1. These are great! I always have a version of this on my person unless I decide to unplug! Great blogger tips :)

  2. I definietly need to start bringing my planner everywhere. I do on occasions but not everytime. I really want to make some business cards, as well!


  3. I'm dying to get a camera too! I really want the white Sony A5000. Organization is so important & something I'm still trying to master. Your To-Do notepads are too cute!! xo

  4. Yes yes yes! All of these are essential- I need to work on getting some business cards, stat!


  5. I just bought a second planner and now I can't believe I ever tried organizing blogging and the rest of life using the same one! Couldn't agree more with the other items on your list either!

  6. Definitely yes to all of these!
    I have been meaning to get some business cards but haven't gotten around to it yet.
    I also use two planners -- one for blogging and one for everything else.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  7. I cannot leave my house with my phone, planner, and camera! I've been wanting to get business cards but I think I'm waiting until I buy a domain.
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

  8. Have you thought about getting a snapchat for your blog, it seems like a lot of other bloggers are doing it and you said every blogger needs their phone with them! ;)

  9. Blog cards are next on my to-do list! I carry my regular business cards everywhere, but it wouldn't hurt to have cards for my blog, as well! I have seen some really cards from Moo!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  10. I should buy business cards for my blog. That's a great idea. Also love those notepads. I'm so glad you told me they were from Marshall's.

  11. I'm just starting out on this blogging path so these are FABULOUS tips!! Thank you for sharing!!

    Nicole //Chronicles of Home

  12. Can't wait to get business cards for my blog once I have my official logo design!

    Kayla | kaylablogs.com

  13. Yes to all of these! I need to get better about bringing my cameras with me in everyday life more than when I am just shooting outfit pictures!

    xoxo A

  14. You covered everything. I never leave the house without my phone for sure. I feel like a blogger you always have to be connected.

  15. Yes all of these are essentials for blogging!! Totally agreed with your post!!

  16. Check, check, aaaaaand check! I also now carry my portable phone charger everywhere, because heaven forbid I lose charge....

    Coming Up Roses

  17. Love this! I always carry both my business cards and a little notebook as well with me whenever I go to events. Sometimes I need to take notes of what happened so I don't forget later!

    xo, Alicia | Alicia Tenise

  18. I always have these on me- except for the business cards! I need to make some

  19. Ah yes! Whenever I forget my business cards I feel horrible! These are all essentials. :)

    The Fashionista's Diary

  20. All great ideas! I tend to be one of those people who is always making notes in her phone, but I also own tons of notebooks and stationary sets where lots of my thoughts are scribbled down. I still need to get a professional-style camera, too, so don't feel out of the loop! Business cards are also great-- need to update mine upon graduation this spring. All great suggestions, though!

    Melissa | These words are my own.