Latest Dress Obsession

Whenever I'm shopping, I basically have to be steered away from dresses because I just happen to fall in love with them. There's nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that I end up buying a dress and then never wear it because I don't really do things or go places that I would be able to wear a dress to. My hopes for the future though is as I get older, I'll be able to wear dresses more often. As for now, I just sit on my computer and look up adorable dresses, wishing that I'll one day be able to wear them. A girl can dream, right?

It was about a month ago when I came across this Lilly Pulitzer Cassie Dress in Shorely Blue a Little Leg. I mean, how cute is it?! The flamingos are adorable, and I love the colors. This dress is perfect to throw over a bathing suit when going to the beach or just going somewhere casual. The only drawback to me is the sleeves. I think they should be made either a little bit longer or just short sleeves. It's kind of awkward-looking how they just stop right at the elbow.

This dress is $98, which is understandably because it's Lilly Pulitzer. I have that kind of money to spend, but I don't know if I want to spend that much money on one dress if I can use that much money to get a couple of shirts or something. So I'm kind of in a tiff with myself. I already have $50 to Amazon because of the gift cards I got from CheckPoints and am planning to get more gift cards to there, so I tried looking for this dress on Amazon, but it wasn't there. *sighs* Maybe it'll magically show up there soon!

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