Power-Outage Activities

My house lost power on Friday night at 11pm due to Snowstorm Nemo. We didn't get it back until last night at around 9! Luckily, my family has a generator, so we were able to have heat and some power. However, we didn't have wifi or cable, so I was stuck doing other things.

I actually kept busy while having no power because I thought of many different things, so I thought I'd share my list with all of you in case you guys get stuck with nothing to do while the power is out!

1. Read. This is a great time to get into a new book. Everything is peaceful and quiet in the house without having any power, so there will be no distractions to stop you from reading
2. Work out. If you have any gym equipment, you might not be able to use it if it's powered by electricity. So, you could do simple exercises that don't involve equipment, such as yoga, stretching, etc. If the weather isn't bad, you could maybe even go running.
3. Clean. My neighbor said to me the other day that when the power is out, she notices everything that needs to be cleaned. So why not clean? For me, cleaning makes time pass by very quickly, which is a good thing because the days always seem to go by slowly when the power is out. Also, cleaning takes out a lot of energy for me and calms me down.
4. Play board games. People tend not to have the patience and interest for board games when it's just a normal day because board games can take a while. Power outages are the perfect time to play board games because they're so time-consuming and everyone is together, so it's more fun to play board games with a lot of people.
5. Go outside. If the weather isn't bad, go outside! I went outside on Saturday afternoon to kill some time and get some fresh air. It was actually nice to be outside because everything looked so pretty covered in snow.
6. Journal. When the power goes out, it's typically because of a major event. So, why not journal about the major event so you remember it for the rest of your life? This was the biggest blizzard since the blizzard of '78, so it was obviously a very important event in a lifetime.
7. Catch up on homework. I know most kids don't like doing this, but if you have the time, you might as well get it done. I didn't do as much homework as I would've liked to do, but I still got my homework done. You can even get ahead on your homework so you don't have to worry about anything when you're busy.
8. Spend time with neighbors. If you don't have power, the chances that your neighbors don't have power either is very high. So why not hang out with them? I spent all day Friday and all day Saturday at my neighbor's house, and I actually had a lot of fun even though they didn't have power. It's more fun to spend time doing nothing with someone than it is to do nothing by yourself.

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