My Desk Space

The majority of the time I'm at my house is spent at my desk. Whether I'm doing homework, reading, or blogging, I'm just always there! So I thought I would share it with you guys. Just to warn you, my desk is a tad bit messy... I'm in need of a bigger one!

Lotion | I seriously always need lotion, especially since it's now winter with freezing temperatures. It's easy to just be able to grab my lotion and apply it to my hands while I'm studying!
Current book I'm reading | My book is always right by my side just in case I finish doing homework and have extra time to do something for myself!
Laptop | My laptop is basically my lifesaver. It's so handy for blogging, school assignments, listening to Pandora, etc. Even though it's pretty old, I still love it!
Planner | My planner is my second lifesaver. It has everything from when my school assignments are due, test dates, when my library books are due, my blogging schedule, etc.!
Vera Bradley Wristlet | This wristlet contains all of my money, gift cards, etc. I like to keep it on my desk in case I go somewhere that's planned spur-of-the-moment that I'll need money for. Keeping it on my desk will help it to be easy to grab, and I won't waste time looking through purses for it!
Hand Sanitizer | I didn't know how much I needed hand sanitizer until I put it on my desk. It's a great thing to have nearby!
Computer/Printer | I prefer to use my laptop more than my computer because I can take my laptop with my anywhere. However, there are occasionally times that I'll need my computer, like when I need to use Microsoft Office 2010 or when I need to print something out.
Book Wishlist | I have my book wishlist with me no matter where I go because I never know when I'll find books to write down! And I never know when I'll decide to order more books from the library.
Scrap paper & Pen | I'm forever making lists and writing down little reminders for myself, so it's always handy for me to have these two things around.
Baby Lips Chapstick | My lips are always chapped, so it's great that I have my chapstick around to apply whenever I need it. It's even better that it's Baby Lips!
Stapler/Paper Clips | Having a stapler and paper clips near me is excellent because I'm always putting things together to make them more organized.

What are some things that you keep on your desk?


  1. Hello from your newest follower! I'm right with ya, you can always find me at my desk in my room :) Would love for you to come and follow my blog as well! Great post!


    1. Hi Madison! Thanks for following me! I'll check out your blog :-)