A Vera Bradley Wristlet That Holds iPhones

One thing I got for Christmas that I absolutely love is this Vera Bradley wristlet. It's designed so that iPhones can fit inside. This wristlet has definitely come in handy because none of my previous wristlets fit my phone; my phone was always too big. So, Vera Bradley came out with a certain wristlet. It's awesome!

The picture on the left shows the front of the wristlet. Under the flap, there's a pouch where the iPhone goes. And yes, it fits the iPhone 5! I have the iPhone 5, and I was worried that it wouldn't fit because it's bigger than every other iPhone, but it fits perfectly. The picture on the left shows the inside where money, change, gift cards, etc. go. My only problem with the inside is it's a little small for everything.

The print my wristlet is in is Ribbons. Want to buy your own Vera Bradley iPhone wristlet? Click here!

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