Alex and Anis

A popular accessory among teenage girls and women today is Alex and Anis. An Alex and Ani is a bracelet that has a little charm on it. The purpose of Alex and Anis are to remind the wearers of the bracelets to stay positive. Each bracelet has a different meaning consisting of three nouns. However, not every bracelet means something; I know that the wraparounds and the initials don't have any meanings. Also, Alex and Ani creates their bracelets from recycled materials - how cool is that?! Below is a picture of all of my Alex and Anis and their meanings.

1. "A." No meaning.
2. Seahorse. Patience | Protection | Contentment.
3. January birthstone. Creativity | Patience | Perseverance.
4. Horizontal quill feather. No meaning.
5. Smile - It's All Good. Happiness | Flexibility | Peace

These bracelets typically cost less than $30, unless the one you want is horizontal (like the feather I have) or has more than one charm (like the smile - it's all good one I have)! They're also a great gift to give.

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