Winter Birthday Ideas

My birthday is today, so I thought I would dedicate this post to ideas for winter birthdays! I've always had difficulty thinking of what to do for my birthday because there's basically nothing to do in the winter, which is why I haven't done anything for my birthday since kindergarten. The ideas are basically aimed towards girls.

1. Go out to dinner. You can obviously do this no matter what season your birthday is, but it's still fun to just go out and eat!
2. Go ice skating. This is fun when you have a big group of people. You can either go skating indoors or outdoors.
3. Have a party. This is another one that can happen no matter what the season is. However, I never really like to have parties because I have so many different friends that I would feel obligated to invite, and I obviously wouldn't be able to invite that many.
4. Go somewhere and spend the night. New Hampshire would be a great place to do this - you and your friends could go skiing or tubing for the day!
5. Get "beautified." Go and get your nails and toes done - this is costly, but very fun and refreshing!

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