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Many people jump at whatever chance they get to save money, whether it's from 50 cents to $50. So, I thought I would share the coupon sites that I have to help you guys save money! The links are in bold.

1. Coupon Database. This database is actually off of a blog. If you're looking for a coupon for a specific item, just type in the item and search until you find a coupon that you like. Then you just download and print it.
2. A Full Cup. This database gives you coupons for grocery items. Just like the website above, you can search for the items that you need coupons for.
3. List of manufacturers. Out of the three websites I've listed, this one is my favorite! This website has a list of 173 manufacturers that you can send an email or letter to and ask them for coupons. Sometimes they'll send you coupons, and other times, they won't. It's worth a try!

Happy couponing!

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