My Three-Day Vacation

This past weekend, I spent three days in a remote New Hampshire town with three of my friends. It was such a great way to relax from the three days of midterms I had. I skied, snowboarded, read, ate, and just hung out! I've skied ever since I was really little, and I love to ski whenever I get the chance to. Yesterday happened to be my first time snowboarding! I took a three-hour lesson with two of my friends, and it was actually really fun. However, one can only fall so many times... so I didn't snowboard for the rest of the day! I just skied instead. We stayed at my friend Sarah's New Hampshire house. I was so happy to be there, and I definitely enjoyed all of the food, laughs, and snow.

Me and Angela on the car ride up. (This picture can be found on Instagram!)

Angela, me, and Sarah on the ski lift on the first day of skiing!

Shaelyn, Angela, and me during our snowboarding lesson! (Picture collage credits to Angela.)

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