How To: Make a Chevron Monogram in Paint

Monograms can be used for anything such as cards, tags, backgrounds, etc., so I decided to do a tutorial on how to make them!

1. Make two lines that are slanted to the left.

2. Copy and paste those two slanted lines seven times.

3. On the seventh copy, go to "image," "flip/rotate," and then click on "flip vertically" to make it slant to the right.

4. Copy and paste five copies of the two lines that are slanted to the right.

5. Connect the slants so they go left, right, left, right, etc.

6. Copy and paste three copies of the one whole line and separate evenly.

7. Fill in the chevron lines and outside lines with the color of your choice.

8. Open up a new paint document and create the monogram and a shape to put the monogram in. (Note: Play around with fonts and sizes for the monogram - just remember that the order goes first initial, last initial, and middle initial. The middle initial has to be bigger than the rest. I chose Gigi for the font. The A is size 90, the M is size 120, and the J is size 48.)

9. Copy and paste the shape onto the chevron lines.

10. Fill the shape with white.

11. Copy and paste the monogram into the shape.

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