Review on the iPhone 5

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I happen to have the iPhone 5, and a lot of people have asked me if they think they should get it. There is a huge debate going on over this phone with people who love it and people who hate. So, I decided to do a review on my phone!

1. It's bigger. There's no doubt about it that the iPhone 5 is bigger. Some people tend to look at this as a weakness, but I look at it as a strength because then the screen is larger. A larger screen is better for watching videos, TV shows, etc.
2. It has a better battery life. The iPhone 5 supposedly has a better battery life. I find that I really only need to charge my phone when I go to bed. The only times that I might need to charge it more than once a day is when I'm using a lot of apps that day.
3. It's lighter. One would think that since the iPhone 5 is bigger, it would be heavier. But that's not the case! It's actually lighter, which is a convenience to me because then it doesn't feel like I'm carrying around a brick.

1. It freezes. This is a problem. When I'm using my phone a lot, it tends to freeze. I then have to wait a couple seconds for it to unfreeze. This can become annoying if you really need to use your phone.
2. It has a different charger. Apple made the charger for the iPhone 5 a "universal charger" to be used with other phones. This is actually an inconvenience for me because the majority of my friends have iPhones, and only one of my friends has the iPhone 5 as well. So if I'm at a sleepover and forget my charger at home, I won't be able to charge my phone because my friends have the 4 or 4s.
3. The headphone spot is different. With the 4 and 4s, the headphone spot is on the top of the phone. However, with the iPhone 5, the headphone spot is right next to the charger spot, causing the headphones to get in the way.

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