How to Study for A Learner's Permit

I freak out and stress over any type of test, so it wasn't a surprise to me when I got stressed about studying for my driving permit. I had no idea how to study for the test. However, I ended up passing, so I thought I would share my tips on how to study for it so you all can pass as well!

1. Study the chapters in the driver's manual about license suspensions/fines and road markings, signs, etc. A lot of questions on the test come from those two chapters! (Side note: If you live in Massachusetts, license suspensions/fines are in chapter 2 and road markings, signs, etc. are in chapter 4.)
2. Get the RMV test app. You can find more out about the app here! (Side note: That app is only for Massachusetts permit tests. If you live in a different state, check if they have one for your state!)
3. Do practice permit tests. There are different websites that have practice permit tests. This website is currently on a practice test for Massachusetts, but it can be changed to any different state!
4. Start driver's ed before getting a permit. I started driver's ed before I got my permit, and it helped me so much while taking the test. A lot of the test questions come from stuff that is learned in driver's ed.

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