Changing My Style

One thing I've noticed is my fashion style is changing. I don't wear only preppy clothes anymore because I'm starting to just buy and wear any clothes that I like. This doesn't mean that I'm not going to wear anything preppy anymore, because I definitely am! My style is just starting to consist of different elements and components.

The stores I shop at most are Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, H&M, and Forever 21 just because they all have cute clothes, and those stores are all near where I live. I'll admit that Abercrombie and Hollister are ridiculously overpriced sometimes, and they're shorts are a little too short, but I still love the stores. American Eagle has really cute clothes that aren't a bad price. I'll also admit that Forever 21 has some clothes that are a little different and stuff that I definitely wouldn't wear, but it also has clothes that I would definitely wear. In my mind, that store is either a hit or miss; you either go into the dressing room with a million pieces of clothing or walk out of the store with absolutely nothing. I literally spend an hour in that store just to search the whole store to find stuff that I like and to make sure I didn't miss anything!

I believe that a girl's style helps to express her personality and what she's interested in. That's why my style is all over the place because I'm interested in all different things. I don't believe that a person is truly just one style of clothing because everybody likes to add different pieces of clothing to their wardrobe.

The problem I have is that I don't fit into a lot of stores because I'm so small and short. A lot of adult/older stores don't fit me, and even Forever 21 and H&M sometimes don't fit me. It actually gets really frustrating because then I have a hard time finding things to wear and buy! While I was looking for a Confirmation dress, I saw the cutest dress at Francesca's (which happened to be seersucker!!!!) that didn't fit me when I tried it on. I was so disappointed! But that's part of the reason why my style is changing - I have to go to multiple stores just to find stuff that fit me and I like.

Does your style have different elements and components to it?

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  1. My style has a million different components to it- someone asked me to describe it and I said "trendy classy vintage retro chic with a hint of artsiness and a dash of femininity." :) I agree that a stylish girl doesn't just have one style. Forever 21 and H&M are my main stores!!! I'm not so big on Abercrombie/Hollister/American Eagle though, none of the clothes really stick out to me and a lot of the stuff is really sporty/casual for what I normally wear. And I agree Abercrombie can be quite overpriced.