Kiss Concert

Kiss Concert is a concert that Kiss 108, a Boston radio station that plays all current and popular music, hosts every year in May. I went to it on Saturday with my twin sister and four of our friends, and it was my first time ever going to Kiss Concert. It was pretty fun! I didn't think it would be that good because I didn't know like four of the acts.

The acts were Icona Pop, Kenzie, Nikki Williams, Olly Murs, Chris Wallace, Jason Derulo, Sammy Adams (eeeek!!!!!!), Emblem 3, Cher Lloyd (love her!), Ariana Grande (love her too!), Taboo, Ne-Yo, Krewella, and Demi Lovato (OBSESSED WITH HER). I had no idea who Kenzie, Nikki Williams, Chris Wallace, and Taboo were. I later found out that Chris Wallace was once a part of the band "White Tie Affair" and that Taboo is from the Black Eyed Peas.

The seats my friends and I had actually weren't that bad! They weren't under the covering, but they were before the lawn. We actually could see pretty well for tickets that were only $50 a piece! The only bad thing is our pictures didn't come out too good because we had to zoom in on our phones. I also didn't even take that many pictures because I was so into dancing and singing that taking pictures weren't really on my mind! I'll share some of the pictures I did take with you:

Two of my friends and me waiting to go into the concert.

Olly Murs

Sam Adams!!!!!!!

The good thing is the artists that I knew played their songs that I knew. Icona Pop played "I Love It" along with a couple of songs that I didn't know. Olly Murs sang "My Heart Skips A Beat" or whatever it's called and "Troublemaker." Jason Derulo sang "In My Head," "Whatcha Say," and "The Other Side." Sam Adams sang "Blow Up," "Coast to Coast," "Coming Up," "All Night Longer," and "LA Story." I literally FREAKED OUT when Sam Adams came out because he's one of my favorite artists, and I've been a fan of his before he became popular! I know every word to every single one of his songs. It was really cool when he sang "LA Story" because Mike Posner came out to sing it with him since it's their song, and no one knew Mike Posner was going to be there! Ne-Yo sang "Mad," "Miss Independent," "Let Me Love You," and "Closer." Krewella sang "Alive" and other songs I didn't know. Lastly, Demi Lovato sang "Get Back," "Skyscraper," and other songs that I can't remember.

Scott Disick also announced Ne-Yo! I was actually pretty disappointed because the concert was said to be "hosted by Scott Disick," but he only hosted Ne-Yo. Nonetheless, it was still cool to see him because he's my favorite on Keeping Up With the Kardashians! His voice sounds so different in person than on TV, but he was still really funny.

My friend Carolyn, the blonde one in the picture above, drove us all in because she has her license. The first act, Icona Pop, started at 3:30, and the last act, Demi Lovato, ended at about 10:45. After the concert, we stopped at Wendy's for food, which was so clutch!

Have you been to a concert this summer yet?


  1. looked like such a fun event. 1. i love scott disick 2. The song 'I love it' , well I love it! :)
    keep up the good posts :))

  2. I saw Icona Pop a few months ago when they opened for Passion Pit and Matt & Kim! They were too cool. I went to Crystal Castles a few weeks ago and had an amazing time. I'm also looking forward to The Shins, Ra Ra Riot, The Expendables, and The Dirty Heads in the next month!