The Importance of Exercising Over the Summer

When summer comes to mind, other words that are often associated with it are fun, relaxation, sun, and etc. We look at it as a break from school and a chance to enjoy ourselves. However, we still need to exercise over the summer even though we might not always have the motivation to do so. With that being said, the importance of exercising over the summer is listed below.

You continue to stay in shape. If you play sports throughout the course of the school year, chances are you're in really good shape. And being in really good shape makes you feel really good about yourself and content with your body. I think almost everyone can agree with me when I say a lot of people tend to eat more over the summer. We have so much extra time that we just tend to eat more in that time. I know I do! If you're one of those people as well, working out can help prevent the buildup of the extra food you eat.

You're all set for fall sports. If you happen to play a fall sport for school, working out over the summer will bring you nothing but success in that sport. You'll be all prepared for whatever hard workouts are thrown at you during tryouts and practices. No matter how badly we wish this was true, starting to exercise the week before your tryouts or practices after not exercising at all during the summer isn't going to do anything. If you save all of the exercising for the last week, tryouts are going to kick your butt. Tryouts are going to be a lot easier when you're in shape, and you're also going to leave a good impression with the coaches that you took the time to exercise over the summer to prepare for tryouts.

You'll reach that "bikini-ready" dream. Pretty much every girl wants to have that perfect bikini body where they feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit around other people. If you can wear a bathing suit around other people and feel comfortable, you can wear anything and feel comfortable. Reaching that "bikini-ready" dream will bring up your confidence and make you feel pretty good about yourself so that when your friends want to take pictures by the pool or at the beach, you'll feel comfortable doing so!

Why do you think exercising over the summer is important?


  1. I totally agree with this! Yoga is super fun to do with friends over the summer ;)

    1. I would LOVE to try yoga sometime this summer!