Things We Think We Need (But Don't)

Hi, I’m Cat and I’m a UK lifestyle blogger who blogs over at Cat’s Chronology - do stop by and say hello! I’m delighted to be writing here on Private School Prepster as it’s a great blog. My post is about the things that we think we need, but definitely don’t! It’s a bit of fun, so do feel free to add your suggestions in the comments…

We bloggers as a community have plenty of similarities, despite being from all over the world. Don’t get me wrong, despite working in marketing I don’t like to lump everyone into one category – we all have our different quirks and unique things about us that not only make us interesting as people, but also makes our blogs all the more interesting, too. However, I think many bloggers would agree that there are certain things that we think we need in our life, but we really don’t…

Coffee and tea | In all fairness, this is probably most adults rather than just bloggers – we all over a good cuppa, and many of us don’t function without it. I am pleased to say that I follow several blogs that are written by people like me who are in full time work, some of whom also commute, and so we share a common ground that coffee and/or tea gets us through the working day. Really, we’re probably exaggerating, but the mere thought of coping without it seems horrific.

Skin care products | Many of us are pretty keen on blogging about beauty and skincare products, so we get a bit carried away…especially if there’s an offer around! I’m not saying we don’t need any skincare products, but do we really need 6 different moisturisers?

Chocolate on reserve | This one might just be me, and I may just be excusing myself from it by falsely believing that lots of people are the same… but I often feel I have to have reserve chocolate somewhere in my flat in case I have a desperate need (aka craving) for it. Rarely will my flat not have some chocolate in it for me to run to if needed, and if we are without, I will have to go and get some if the mood hits me. Other bloggers might have this problem with other (probably healthier) things, or I might just be completely barking mad. Who knows?

Twitter accounts | Bloggers, put your hand up if you have a Twitter account – that’s got to be at least 90% of you. Where would we be without Twitter? We’d be back in 2005 most likely. We did live without Twitter for some time, but how handy it is now for communicating with other bloggers and finding great blogs to follow! For me Twitter is actually my primary source for following blogs (along with GFC – for now – and Bloglovin), and the Twitter chats that are now becoming bigger are a fantastic opportunity to network with other bloggers.

What else do us bloggers think we need (but definitely don’t)?


  1. haha this is a great post , I do think most of us can relate to this , well I totally can.

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  2. Great post :) I always say I couldn't live without Twitter! In all honesty, I probably could if I absolutely had to... could I? x