Decorating a College Dorm

(Note: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.)

Many people face the challenge of decorating their college dorm. They want to decorate it the way they like, but they also want to decorate it in a way that matches their roommate's decorations. That includes getting the same comforter on a bed, same sheets, etc.

The following decorations I picked out are from Residence Hall Linens, the perfect site for buying things for college because of the quality, price, and patterns.

1. Ashley Damask bedding. I love this comforter from RHL! The blue, white, black, and purple color combination looks really mature yet fun enough for a young adult. I also may have chosen it just because it has my name in it...

2. Grape Towel Set. This towel set goes perfectly with the comforter above! It's always nice to have a matching comforter and towels.

3. Bright Shag Scatter Rug in Ivory. If there is no rug outside of the showers in your dorm's bathrooms, it's good to get a rug to use when you shower. If you have a rug, it makes it easy to dry your feet once you step out of the shower so you don't slip.

There are so many more decorations and necessities that Residence Hall Linens offers to make your stay at college a little more easier for you. I highly suggest you check out their website to order things for your dorm!

What do you like from RHL?

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