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During one of the tweet chats I attend (I can't remember which one it was, sorry!), I happened to be talking about email signatures with a couple of other people who were also participating in the tweet chat. We were all saying how important email signatures are if you use your email for professional reasons, such as business, internships, etc.

An interesting thing that someone pointed out to me is you can actually promote your blog via email signature. I never even thought of that. In your email signature, you can include a link to your blog and links to any other social media platforms you happen to use. I thought that was interesting, handy, and efficient since I'm always sending multiple emails a day!

Philippe Guiol, the founder of My HTML Signature, was so kind as to create an email signature for me! He usually charges $30 per signature, but he made mine for free. If any of you have emailed me since the end of April when I got the email signature, you would've seen the signature I have. It includes my email address and links to my blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest using social media icons.

Although the signature is very effective, I like WiseStamp's email signatures a little bit more, which I posted about here. I feel like the signature is a little too plain for what I like because I like how I can add a title of what I do in a signature from WiseStamp and make it colorful. Also, I don't see why I would need to add my email address in my signature if I'm sending an email from that same address. Lastly, if I didn't get offered this signature for free, I wouldn't have bought it for $30 when WiseStamp offers it for free because I feel like I can use my money for more important things. I still like the signature, though!

Have you used My HTML Signature?

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