Review :: Gramono

About a month and a half ago, I was sent monogrammed Norts from Gramono to review! I was ecstatic when I received these because I had been lusting over a pair of monogrammed Norts forever. I practically live in Norts in the summer because they're great to wear to the beach, to the gym, and captains' practices for soccer. I even wore them to track practice this spring, and I got so many compliments from people! Not only do I love Norts but the monogram makes me love them even more! The pictures below are how I styled them. (Side note: Don't mind the way my pictures turned out wide... I don't know why they did that!)

I wore a white t-shirt from the Black Dog with my shorts. (Side note: I didn't show my face in this picture because I took the picture myself and needed to get my whole outfit in the picture! Moral of the story - don't wait until the last minute to take pictures of your outfit when none of your friends are home to take pictures of you wearing them... photo shoots are much better and more fun!)

How the shorts look.

My monogram in pink!

The shorts I received don't appear to be on the site anymore, but they are similar to the Darling Dot Monogrammed Running Shorts. These shorts are super comfortable! The only thing I wish was different about them is my monogram style. I wish I received my monogram in a script font instead of a circle font because the J in my name looks kind of weird in the circle font. I still love the shorts nonetheless! At first, I didn't think I would like having a pair of mint green shorts because they don't go with much. After I got them, I realized that they actually do go with a lot of shirts that I have in pink, white, gray, and black!

Which pair of monogrammed Norts do you like from Gramono?


  1. I love and live in norts too! These monogrammed ones are adorable. I'll have to pick up a pair.

  2. I like the monogram. It adds a touch of class!