Travel Essentials

Hello! I'm Emily from Life's Notebook, and I am so excited to complete this post for Ashley. I hope you enjoy my post, and feel free to let me know what things I missed or any ideas you may have. 

Travel Essentials

It's finally feeling just like summer. The weather is becoming warmer and warmer and schools are finally letting out. Summer means one thing vacation! Vacations are fabulous, but I always forget important things when I am traveling. Sometimes I find it hard to determine what should be brought on an airplane or in the car. I've come up with a list (hopefully a good one) of items I think would work perfect for both in car and airplane vacations.

Bag | Make sure to bring a good size bag, but something that isn't so large it can knock someone over! I love the tote style bags that Vineyard Vines, LL Bean, and other places like those carry. They are a perfect travel size for airplanes and fitting in between seats in cars. 

Passport | For international trips you always need a passport. Sometimes (in recent events with cruise ship issues) you need to have your passport even if isn't required due to issues that can arise. I try to always carry my passport with me when I go somewhere, just to be safe. I know it may seem silly and dangerous to carry it with you, but I personally believe that it is necessary. 

Passport cover | Who wouldn't want a cute cover for their passport? They're boring, so spice it up with a cute Kate Spade cover. 

Money | I know this is obvious, but I have actually left for vacation and arrived at my destination with most of the money I was taking left at home. It is terrible. I usually put my money in my carry on bag before I pack it so I know it is there. For international trips don't forget to get travelers checks or exchange your money for the correct currency!

Cellphone and iPad or tablet | On an airplane there isn't internet service, but in the airport there will be, and also some games can be played while on the plane, or to listen to music! I usually take both, but sometimes just a phone will do!

Kindle, Nook, E-reader, or Books | I prefer a kindle, but any e-reader is a great way to stay busy and occupy time while in the air or in the car. I love the feel of a true good book, but books take up a lot of room where these e-readers take minimal space in your bag and they can hold thousands of books!

Snacks | Snacks are a must! Airplanes now tend to charge a good amount of money to get food these days, so bringing your own is the best idea! Plus when you are trying to eat healthier, your own food is the best option. 

Misc items not shown | Travel size toiletries, beauty products, and clothes. I would always bring an outfit or two along with travel size essentials, especially on an airplane, in case your luggage gets lost, or just to have easy access before unpacking at your destination! Just make sure if you are traveling by airplane to make sure you check the guidelines for items allowed and size limits! For airplanes I usually bring a small pillow to lay my head on, especially long plane rides. 

Traveling is always fun, but it never hurts to have a checklist of things you will need to help keep the trip running smoothly, and to hopefully prevent things from being left behind! 


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