Summer Must-Have Shoes

There are tons of different kinds of shoes I can get for the spring and winter, but I get totally different shoes for the spring and summer. Because the weather is warm in the spring and summer, I like to wear light shoes that are comfortable yet don't make my feet hot. The shoes below are shoes that I consider "must-haves" for summer!

1. Jack Rogers. I can't stress enough how much I love my silver Jack Rogers! They're so versatile and can make a plain outfit a little dressier or add the perfect touch to a formal outfit. I'll admit that they hurt my feet when I first started wearing them, but they don't really hurt anymore now that they're broken in. I just suggest getting half a size up than what size you normally are!

2. Old Navy flip flops. Practically every girl has a pair of Old Navy flip flops! They're so cheap and work really well. I love how comfy they are, and they're great to wear practically anywhere. I have multiple different colors, but I prefer to stick to black, navy, gray, and white because they can go with anything. If you're lucky, you'll be able to get a good color in your size when Old Navy does the $1 flip flop sale!

3. Sneakers. We all should exercise over the summer, so a pair of sneakers is essential! I prefer a pair of Nike Free Runs because of how comfortable they are, but any pair works. No matter what pair of sneakers I get, they have to be black and pink or gray and pink because I'm obsessed with the color pink! These sneakers are perfect for going on runs and conditioning during captains' practices for soccer.

4. Sperry's. Sperry's are an absolute need when it comes to summer because they're typical boat shoes! I have two pairs and really want to get the pair above. Since they're boat shoes, they're waterproof and therefore work well boating or when it's raining. They're super comfortable and make any outfit look cute!

5. Hunter Boots. Most people wouldn't think of this, but Hunter boots or any type of rain boots are a good idea to have in the summer. When it's raining, wearing any type of sandals isn't the best idea because you get your feet wet and could possibly slip when walking. Hunter boots look adorable with shorts, a dress, or skirt if they're styled right!

What shoes do you like to wear in the summer?


  1. All of these shoes are great! I have yet to get me a pair of hunters! Unfortunately, sperry's don't fit me :( Have you heard of Rainbow flip flops? I have always had a pair since I was 7! They are so comfortable!

    1. You DEFINITELY need to invest in a pair of Hunters! And that stinks that Sperry's don't fit you :( My sister has a pair of Rainbow flip flops! I'll have to try them out!

  2. I absolute love my hunter wellies, I think I probably use them more than most in the summer, living in the english countryside. In winter I love wearing the welly socks that you can get for them, they are just too cute. I must admit I am completely in love with the pink colour of those wellies (but I'm saving up for my jack rodgers atm, so they will have to take a place in the back of my wish list)
    Rebecca Elizabeth

  3. The flip flops, the wellies, the deck shoes and the sneakers are def summer shoes.