Smart Girls Group Internship

I started my internship for The Smart Girls Group this week! For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Smart Girls Group, it's an organization that encourages teenage girls and women to use their smarts and reach their full potential. It's so inspiring! SGG was started by Emily Raleigh, one of the sweetest people I've ever met, during her senior year of high school in 2011. She is now going to be a sophomore in college at Fordham.

Before I started interning for SGG, I was a writer for The Smart Girl's Loop, which is kind of the blogging aspect of SGG. It consists of various teenage girls writing posts almost every day under certain topics, such as empowerment, health and fitness, high school, etc. I still write for The Loop! I write under the categories of "The High Schooler," which basically gives other high school girls tips on how to get through high school, and "The Mental Motivator," which encourages girls to exercise and stay fit. SGG also has a magazine called The Smart Girl's Guide, which is realized every month, and is absolutely amazing. You should definitely check it out!

When I found out I could apply to be an intern for SGG, I was so excited because I love SGG and thought only college girls could apply for the internship. I was wrong! I didn't think I would get chosen because I'm only 16, and there were 33 total applications, but I was wrong about that too!

My internship involves working on and handling the social media for SGG. This may sound kind of nerdy, but I actually love social media and know a good amount of stuff about it! I'm excited about expanding the amount of things I know because this will definitely help me in the future.

Do you have a summer internship?

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