Beach Necessities

In the summer, beach trips are common. However, one of the worst things is getting to the beach and realizing you forgot something that you really need. So, I put together a list of super important items to remember while going on beach trips!

Beach Necessities

{one} hair elastics - If you wear your hair down at the beach, it's a good idea to bring hair elastics with you in case your hair makes you hot or gets knotted from the wind. Along with hair elastics, you should bring a brush and detangler spray just in case your hair turns into a nightmare!
{two} sunglasses - Having the sun in your eyes for long periods of time is far from fun. Sunglasses make it easier for you to see and don't make you aggravated from not being able to see.
{three} food - Fruit is a common food to bring to the beach, but anything works. Just make sure to pack sandwiches, snacks, and whatever else you want to bring because laying in the sun and swimming in the water can make you hungry and tired, causing you to need some energy.
{four} a hat - Hats not only keep the sun out of your eyes but protect your head from the sun, too. If your scalp burns, you should wear a hat to protect it from any damage. Also, hats keep your hair out of your face so it doesn't get knotted.
{five} drinks - Laying out in the hot sun makes you sweaty and thirsty. You should always pack water or any other drinks to quench your thirst and keep you hydrated.
{six} towel - Being wet and cold from the water and not having anything to dry yourself off with is one of the worst things. Bringing a towel allows you to stay warm and dry yourself off after coming out of the water, and it works as a great mat to sit or lay on so you don't get sand all over yourself.
{seven} sunscreen - I can't stress enough how important it is to bring sunscreen to the beach. It's super easy to get burned at the beach, so sunscreen protects you from the sun and prevents you from being in pain while you're having a good time.
{eight} a book - Whenever I go to the beach, I see at least half of the people there reading. A book and the beach are just such a good combination because they both provide major relaxation. Bring a book that you enjoy to the beach and get reading!
{nine} a cover-up - You should always bring some type of cover-up, dress, clothes, etc. when you travel to the beach just in case you go somewhere afterwards. You never know if your friends decide to go out to dinner, go shopping, etc., so having a change of clothes or a cover-up will allow you to do all of that.
{ten} money (not shown) - I thought of this after I made the collage, which is why it isn't on here. Anyway, you should always bring money to the beach. You never know when you might have to pay for parking or decide to buy an ice cream from the ice cream truck.
{eleven} chair (not shown) - I forgot about this one, too. Bringing a chair is a good idea if you don't like laying down all the time. It makes it easier to eat, drink, and read in a chair than laying down on a towel.

What do you like to bring to the beach?

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