Project Eve Internship

Along with having an internship for the Smart Girls Group, I have an internship with Project Eve. Project Eve is an online community of women entrepreneurs helping other women entrepreneurs. It's full of super helpful articles, mentors, groups, and more.

This internship also has to do with social media! I have to tweet from their Twitter, answer DMs sent by users, and more. Another aspect of the internship is spreading the word about Project Eve. I have to comment on various websites and lead them back to Project Eve. I'm basically doing a little bit of everything because I get a to-do list every week that tells me what to complete by the end of the week.

I'm enjoying the internship so far, and I'm learning a lot of new things! Meridith and Kim, the co-founders, are so sweet, intelligent, and helpful. I'm hoping that during the time I have this internship, I can help expand the site and drive more traffic to it!

Are there any internships that you would like to have?

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