Favorite Summer Drinks

It's so important to stay hydrated in the summer. I'm always drinking some type of liquid in the summer just to stay cool and refreshed. Because I'm always drinking, I put together a list of my favorite drinks to have in the summer!

1. Lemonade. Lemonade is obviously the classic summer drink. When you're driving around, you see kids with lemonade stands everywhere because it's just that common. Treat yourself to this bittersweet yet relieving drink loved by all people!

2. Sweet tea. I love hot tea, so iced tea is even better! Adding sugar to the iced tea does the trick to make a sweet drink. Sweet tea is especially popular in the South. Not only is it delicious, but it's rather easy to make! And how cute does it look in that Mason jar? If you want iced tea but don't want all of the sugar, you don't have to add sugar and can just have it plain.

3. Water. Water is definitely the most common drink in the summer. It's basically everywhere and easy to access. Practically everyone likes a glass of ice-cold water. Why not add lemons to it, though? The lemons add a little bit of flavoring, if water is too plain for you, and act as a detox to clear out any bad substance in your stomach.

4. Coke or any other type of soda. Even though Coke is pretty bad for you, you have to admit that there are some days that you say to yourself, "I could really go for an ice-cold glass of Coke right now." The days that are hot, humid, and sticky arouse that feeling. So treat yourself and enjoy that ice-cold drink to quench your thirst and cool down!

What do you like to drink during the summer?


  1. Any drink in a mason jar and I'm sold! Especially a monogrammed mason jar tumbler! Throw a fruity cocktail in the mix and I'm in heaven :P

    1. Monogrammed mason jar tumblers are adorable!

  2. My favorites are raspberry iced tea and Arnold Palmers!


  3. I love Ice tea, especially when you're on holiday, it always tastes so much better!

    Charlotte xx

  4. Thanks for the link :)

    I love iced tea & home made lemonade! It's great alternatives to the usual fizzy drinks..


  5. Lemonade is the ultimate summer drink! That and fresh Orange juice! :)
    Thanks for sending me your link over twitter btw!
    Saadiya x