Tips For Studying at the Library

I was so happy when I finally figured out my weekly routine because I realized that I actually have so much time for the library, which I never thought I did before. However, the library is only helpful for studying if you use your time wisely -- which is why I've found the best methods.

u s e  s p a r e  t i m e
As mentioned on here before, I work Friday-Monday mornings. That means that I have Tuesday-Thursday off from work. My first class on Tuesday and Thursday isn't until 11:30, and my first class on Wednesday isn't until 10. It would be nice to sleep in and not get to school until the time of my first class since I wake up at 3:30 Friday-Monday, but I've realized that being successful in college is all about sacrifice. Instead, I wake up at 6 on my days off, get to the library by 7:30, and do homework for about three or four hours, depending on what day it is. Always being the first one in the library on those days and having to get up way earlier than I need to is kind of a bummer, but I end up leaving the library feeling accomplished and stress-free.

p l a n
I use a to-do list notebook to plan out each week. Every Sunday night, I write down every assignment I need to do for every class for the upcoming week. As I complete an assignment, I cross it off. Planning ahead gives me an idea of what I need to get done, guarantees I don't forget about an assignment, and saves me so much time because I'm not scrambling around to find my syllabi to see what I need to do.

f i n d  t h e  b e s t  m e t h o d
Find the best study method for you. Do you prefer to study alone or with friends? Personally, I need to be by myself and be in a quiet area in order to be super productive. If I'm with friends, I won't stop talking. If there's noise around me, I can't focus. My library has three floors that range by volume level: 1st floor is "noisy" and allows cell phone use and talking, 2nd floor is "quiet" and doesn't allow cell phone use but does allow whispering, and 3rd floor is "silent" and doesn't allow cell phone use or talking. I always go to the second floor. However, if you're the type of person who gets motivated by your friends, go for it!

r e w a r d  y o u r s e l f
When you get through a lot of assignments and studying, reward yourself! The reward could be something silly, like watching an episode on Netflix, going on social media for 15 minutes, or reading a chapter of a book. I like to reward myself with a chicken caesar salad from the cafe in the library (they are TO DIE FOR!), Reese's, or coffee. Just make sure your reward doesn't distract you!

These methods have worked so well for me this past month of school. It allows me to get ahead on assignments for the following week, and I usually don't have homework to do at night or over the weekend, unless it's studying. Getting homework done now allows you to have time for the things you want to do later!

What are your tips for getting things done at the library?


  1. Wonderful post! Have a nice day:)

  2. I did this when I was college and really enjoyed having my nights free of homework.
    Now I'm in grad school and work full time so my nights and weekends are unfortunately spent doing work =[

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  3. I really appreciate this post! I find it so helpful to see how other people study and manage their time! Even though I am no longer in school, I feel like these still apply to projects and work when needed to get done in a timely manner!

    xo Ashley

  4. Such great advice! I really need to be better about planning out my week in advance and utilizing my free time!

  5. I miss studying at the library. Can I just go back to college for the library study nights please??

  6. I was more of a study at the kitchen table kind of gal but great advice :)

  7. I usually couldn't get much done at the library because I always went with my sorority sisters. Maybe my tip would be don't bring friends! haha

    How 2 Wear It []

  8. Great tips! I would always need headphone and good music to block out everything else!

  9. When I was in school I rarely went to the library, I think i enjoyed sleeping in too much. I still do. :)

  10. I definitely need to be in a quiet space with limited distractions to study or even write papers. I tend to put headphones in and listen to music though, which most people seem to think is weird. I'm jealous you have a cafe in your library!

    Kayla |

  11. You are seriously so productive! I'm working on it. I need to go work at the library more often!

    Courtney//As We Stumble Along

  12. Definitely sharing this with my little sis! Studying is hard with so many distractions in college!

    xo //

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  14. Great tips! It was always hard for me to focus in the library without ample amounts of caffeine and specific study guides!

    Diary of a Debutante

  15. I miss studying at the library so much!! These are definitely useful tips. Good for you for being motivated and going so early!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  16. Spare time and rewarding yourself are definitely important for studying at the library! Great tips!
    xx, Southwestern Prepster