Thick Headbands

This post is actually inspired by the post Elizabeth wrote on which headbands she likes to wear for working out! I love wearing headbands as a fashion statement, but they are also a huge help when I want/need to keep my hair back. The headbands I wear are Scunci's fabric hairbands. I have a package that came with five different-colored headbands: black, white, gray, navy blue, and lime green. I chose this package because they are all (except for the green) colors that can go with basically anything. I'm planning on getting a package of bright colors for the summer, though! With all of that said, I thought I would show you how I style the headbands:

Soccer | These headbands are basically my best friend during soccer season. They match my school's colors, navy blue and white, and they keep my hair and sweat (gross, I know) out of my face. I use them for other exercise activities as well, such as track and working out.

Casual/Comfy | I always wear these headbands when I'm just in normal clothes. In this picture, which you can't really see my outfit, I wore a black quarter-zip pullover from Pink, Abercrombie skinny jeans, and black riding boots with the black headband. The headband added a cute and perfect touch to the outfit. I also like to wear one of these headbands when I'm wearing a comfortable outfit such as yoga pants, leggings, or sweatpants.

When I Really Just Need My Hair Out of My Face | This falls in the category when I don't want my hair in my face. In this particular picture, I was on the way to New Hampshire with my friends to go skiing, so obviously I was dressed in the clothes I was going to have on under my ski suit. When I'm skiing, I get really annoyed when my hair falls in front of me, so the headband really helps to tame my hair.

Do you like to wear similar headbands?

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