CheckPoints Tips and Tricks

A couple of months ago, I posted a guide to CheckPoints and how to use it. Since I started using CheckPoints, I've received $125 to Amazon and used $100 from those gift cards to get myself a brand new pair of Hunter Boots! Because I use CheckPoints every day, I've noticed a couple of patterns that I thought I would share with you all:

1. You can only get 400 points each day.
2. The yellow stars show up at about 7:45 am EST. (Side note: I'm not sure if they show up at 7:45 am in every other time zone too, or if it's 7:45 am EST but different times because of the different time zones...)
3. If it says you have reached your limit of points for the day, that may or may not be true. Sometimes when you check into a store, CheckPoints will take the points away. So if it says that you've reached your limit, keep checking into other stores until you don't get any more points for the day just to make sure that you got your 400 points for the day.
4. If you have more than one smart device, use them. I have CheckPoints on my iPhone and iPad, but they're two different accounts. That way I can get about $50 to Amazon each month instead of just $25 to Amazon each month.

If you're just getting CheckPoints now, use one of my usernames as the bonus code (either ashleymason or ashleyymason) so we both get extra points!

Do you use CheckPoints?


  1. hi! so i use checkpoints too and after reading your posts on it im so confused as to how you get to 400 points a day! ive been doing it for a few weeks now and barely have 500. also how do you enter names as a bonus code? i feel really clueless on this app now hahaa please help me!

    1. You might not be able to get 400 points a day depending on where you are. Where I live, TONS of yellow stars show up for me, so I'm able to get 400 points! If there aren't a lot of yellow stars where you live, you might not be able to get 400 points a day. Also, the later in the day it is, the less yellow stars there are - that's why it's best to check in during the morning!

      I don't think you can use a bonus code if you already have an account - I believe you can only use a bonus code right when you make your account!

      Feel free to email me if you need more help!

  2. okay thanks a lot! everything makes much more sense now :) love your blog btw!