Review :: The Tiny Bee Etsy Shop

Melissa Walsh from The Tiny Bee was so kind as to send me two of her adorable items to review! She makes cosmetic bags, coin purses, stud earrings, and push pins by hand.

Melissa sent me these items above - a heart cosmetic bag and pink heart push pins! I haven't used any of them yet, but once I organize my desk over spring break, I'm totally planning on putting the various pens/pencils/highlighters/etc. that clutter my desk in the heart pouch. The pink heart push pins are really similar to the color of my room and will look absolutely adorable on my coarkboard collage when I change it up!

Also, I'm totally obsessed with the pink whale push pins she made! They're new, and I absolutely love them. The push pins are two of my favorite things - preppy and the color combination pink and green! How cute are they?

If you get anything from Melissa's shop, make sure to use the code TTB15 to get 15% off of your order!

What do you love from Melissa's shop?

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