What's Going On in My Life

I have never done one of these posts before, just like I had never done a "what today consists of post" until last Thursday. My blog is mostly about fashion, beauty, etc., so I thought it would be interesting to do a little lifestyle post for once.

Nothing too interesting has been happening to me lately. It seems like my life consists of the same schedule and routine every single day - school, track, homework, sleep, repeat. I occasionally have a road lesson somewhere in that routine, but it mostly consists of those four things. My life seems to be defined by stress, which I hate. I just can't wait until summer when everything will finally slow down and stop so I can just get my license and relax.

On the bright side, after 1:58pm next Friday, my spring break starts (finally!!!), and I have seven road lessons done with my eighth lesson tonight! After tonight, I just need four more lessons and then I'll be set to get my license. I can't get my license until July 5th (my half birthday is on July 4th, but the registry is closed that day since it's the Fourth of July), but the road tests are backed up a month and a half, so I want to get all of my road lessons done as soon as possible. Once I'm done with my last road lesson, I can schedule my road test. So I want to get my road test scheduled right when I can get it instead of having to wait!

What's going on in your life right now?


  1. I really enjoy reading lifestyle posts. :) Stress is annoying, but sometimes a bit of it can be good. It will subside once you go through life and learn how to manage it the best way for you. Have fun on your spring break!