Fun Fact Friday No. 1 :: Twin

I've seen a couple of blogs do "Fun Fact Friday," so I thought it would be fun if I try it out. I don't really want to do it every Friday though because that can get kind of boring, so I'll do it every once in a while!

The fun fact I'm going to share with all of you for this Fun Fact Friday is I have a twin. Yes, you heard me - a twin. I'm pretty sure that barely any of you know about her! Her name is Emily, and we're eight minutes apart. Emily is older than me, but most people think I'm older than her because I'm an inch taller than her; she's 5' and I'm 5'1".

We look absolutely nothing alike and have completely different personalities! In fact, in our freshman year, people couldn't even believe we were sisters, never mind twins! They just thought we coincidentally had the same last name and birthday. Emily and I only get along half the time; we're not too close. We have most of the same friends, which can get kind of annoying because sometimes I don't always want Emily there.

She always takes my clothes, which gets really annoying! It'll be a dress down day at school, and I'll see her wearing my shirt at lockers, which makes me really mad. A lot of people tell me how they think it's so cool that I have a twin and that they wish they had a twin, but the truth is, you really don't want a twin. I just don't like having one, but I would love to have a boy twin. That would be a lot of fun!

May 2001 at the Grand Floridian in Disney.

Eighth grade.

We loved watching movies together when we were little!

Eighth grade graduation.

We always used to share this seat when we were little!

Homecoming 2012.

Flower girls for our aunt's wedding in September 2001.

Christmas 2012.

We loved blowing bubbles together!

Our sixteenth birthday, January 2013!

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