Latest Obsession :: Nude Heels

One clothing item that I've definitely started to love is nude heels. They're so versatile because they can go with pretty much any piece of clothing. I wore them with my impulse buy dress to National Honor Society and with a white lace dress and a pink sweater to a sweet sixteen party. I almost wore them with my Easter outfit, which would've looked so cute, but then I decided not to.

I can't wait to wear these more in the spring and summer when I get to wear cute sundresses! My friend's mom is getting remarried in June, so I'm thinking of wearing these to the wedding.

What are your thoughts on nude-colored heels?


  1. I absolutely love my nude heels! I got them for sorority recruitment and have worn them a million times since.

    The Plaid Princess

    1. I love wearing mine whenever I get the chance!

  2. Cute Shoes! They are perfect for spring/summer weddings!

  3. I was so picky when I was in need of some nude heels. It had to be the right color, with the right toe shape, and the right height. I decided on a pair of Bandolino's and I love them!

    xoxo, Frannie

  4. I absolutely love nude heels! These are gorgeous! :) xx