April Reflection

The month of April just flew right by. Whenever it gets to the spring months, the school year seems to pass by in the blink of an eye. Good things happened this month though, which I'm more than excited to share with all of you!

I became a writer for the Smart Girls Group Loop. | In the month of March, I contacted Emily Raleigh, the founder of the Smart Girls Group, about getting involved somehow in SGG. She contacted me back and said she thought I would be good for the Smart Girls Group Loop. The month of April was my first month writing for the Loop, and I loved it! I write twice a week as the High Schooler and the Mental Motivator.
I had my last road lesson. | Friday was my last road lesson! In my state, you need twelve hours of driving with your driving school in order to get your license. I can get my license on July 4th (my half birthday), but the registry is closed due to it being the Fourth of July, which stinks! So the earliest I can get my license is July 5th. The registry is backed up two months, so the reason why I finished my road lessons so early is because I want to get my license on time. I'm just waiting for my driving school to book my road test for me, and then I'll be good to go!
I got a 4.0 GPA. | The beginning of April was the end of the third quarter. For the third quarter, I got a 4.0 GPA! I was so happy because sophomore year is the hardest year at my high school. I had a 4.0 last year, but the school year wasn't that hard. For the first two terms, I had somewhere between a 3.8 and a 3.9-something. But I pulled through with a 4.0 third term! A 4.0 is the highest GPA someone can get at my school because the highest grade, an A, is worth a 4.0 value.
I applied for a summer internship. | One thing I really want this summer is an internship. I think it would be a great experience and would look really good on a college application. I want a virtual internship though because I won't have any way of getting there if it wasn't virtual. So, I applied for an internship with the Smart Girls Group! I'm so nervous yet so excited. I really hope I get the internship because I would love to intern for them!
I held my first giveaway and first two reviews. | I was so excited about these two! Companies and brands have been so generous as to send me free items to review and giveaway on my blog. The reviews and giveaway turned out great, which I couldn't be more happy about!
I got to wear my Hunter boots for the first time. | This one may seem like a small one, but it made me so happy! Attending a Catholic high school doesn't give you much freedom to wear what you want. Since April is a rainy month, I couldn't wait for all the rain to come so I could pull out my Hunter boots. The only problem with it raining this month? It pretty much only rained on days I had school... which meant I couldn't wear my boots. It did rain a couple of times on the weekend though, which gave me the chance to wear my boots!
I was confirmed. | My family has always been religious, so I go to church pretty much every weekend. My twin sister and me getting confirmed was a big deal to my mom. She was so proud of us, which was actually really cute. Both my twin sister and I chose the name "Mary" as our Confirmation name because it's my mom's name, my nana's name (my mom's mom who passed away about four years ago), and also the Confirmation name of my two older sisters.
I made a Facebook page for my blog. | I never use Facebook, but I heard of so many bloggers who made a Facebook page for their blog, and they said it really helped them. So I decided to give it a try. I'm pretty sure I only have one like hahaha but oh well! You can view it here.

What have you accomplished in the month of April?


  1. I signed a lease for my first apartment!!

    xx Liz


  2. Congrats on your GPA! I'm doing better this quarter, but the last two quarters it was like, erm, 2.6 or something....

    1. Look at the bright side - at least you're doing better this quarter, which is great!

  3. You've had an incredibly successful month! A massive congratulations on your amazing grades and all your blog achievements :)

    Angelica [One Little Vice]