Twines & Vines

About a month ago, I came across the blog Twines & Vines. Twines & Vines is basically a blog that's a guide to the prep school lifestyle. The readers consist of people who attend prep high schools and colleges. I started writing for them when I found them, and I absolutely love it! I've only done two posts so far because I've been so busy with schoolwork, my own blog, and Chit-Chat, but I'm looking forward to doing more posts for them. Here are the posts I did for them:

I love reading through the posts on Twines & Vines because they are all about having a prep lifestyle! I also like how I'm able to write about anything preppy instead of having to stick to just one category. If you want to join Twines & Vines, go here and make sure to follow them on Twitter!

Have you read anything on Twines & Vines?

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