Latest Obsession: Sleepytime Tea

I absolutely love Sleepytime Tea. It's a type of tea for the Keurig that is decaffeinated and helps you fall asleep. It has kind of a minty taste to it. I love having it at night after I finish all of my homework because it helps me to relax and wind down. Two of my friends have it at their houses as well, so I love having it at night whenever I sleep over their houses.

I bring a travel mug to school every morning filled with tea. I actually have Sleepytime Tea in the morning too. The first time I had it in the morning, I thought it would make me sleepier; it actually kind of woke me up, though!

Have you ever had Sleepytime Tea?


  1. I LOVE sleepytime tea! I have it like every night and it's probably my favorite tea. :)