I've had Bloglovin' for probably a little over a month now, but I don't use it. I don't know what it is about Bloglovin' that just makes me not like it. So many blogs I follow have it, and they say it's so easy to use, but I don't see how it's easy. I find it rather confusing, actually! I can't seem to figure out how to "claim my blog" or whatever in order to connect everything. I can read all of the blog posts of the blogs I follow, but I just can't connect my blog. But regardless, I guess it would be a good thing to have set up when Google Friend Connect and Google Reader are no longer available.

Speaking of Google Friend Connect and Google Reader ending, I heard through one of the tweet chats I attended last week that only Google Reader is ending, not Google Friend Connect. Does anyone else know if this is true or not? Google Friend Connect and Google Reader are so helpful to me because all of the blog posts I need to read are in the same place as where I can write my blog posts; I don't have to go to a whole separate website. But isn't Google Friend Connect how people can follow your blog, and Google Reader is how people can read the blog posts of the blogs they follow? Or is Google Friend Connect how people can follow your blog and read the blog posts of the blogs they follow? If it is the first option, I don't understand how Google Friend Connect can stand alone without Google Reader... but oh well. I also heard that Google Reader and/or Google Friend connect is/are ending in July, so if that's the case, we still have a good couple of months to go!

So, if you're not already doing so, follow me on Bloglovin'!

Do you use Bloglovin' and like it?


  1. I hope google reader isn't ending....I made a Bloglovin like three weeks ago but am too lazy to go through the process of "claiming" it. haha. Overall I really just prefer to have my feed show up on blogger. SO much simpler!

  2. When I found out Reader was coming to an end I was on spring break with nothing to do and I went ahead and made a bloglovin while I was thinking about it. It really is a lot easier! The app is so simple. It is great for the mornings waiting for a ride or while on vacation! I highly recommend it!!


  3. I've been putting off Bloglovin' because I really, really, really like GoogleReader… But I know I'll have to switch over sometime! I'm thinking about doing a giveaway or something to promote following, like Sarah Vickers did.

  4. I had trouble at first as well. I know for me all I had to do was create a blank post, with the link they gave when trying to claim your blog, and post it. After that it was claimed, and then you can delete the link from your posts.

    Hope this helps!