Monogrammed Phone Case

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend surprised me with a chevron monogrammed phone case for my iPhone 5! I was so surprised and excited when he gave it to me because this phone case has three of my favorite things - the color pink, chevron stripes, and my monogram! The case came in two days before our year and a half anniversary, which was ironic.

I use the case every day since I got it, and it works pretty well! It covers the whole phone and is actually pretty durable. I actually just sent Elizabeth the link to this phone case, so let me know if you guys want the link to it as well!

Do you have a chevron monogrammed phone case?

P.S. Check out the giveaway hosted by Frannie!


  1. I really like the case I've seen them on etsy may treat myself to one x

  2. oooo i love this very original! now following xxx