Flashback Friday #1 :: Soccer

via Instagram (I'm the one in the white!)

As most of you know, I play forward for my school's varsity girls soccer team. I've played soccer for thirteen years, so it's definitely become my favorite sport and something I love to play. My school's soccer season starts when school starts (which I thought every school did, until I found out that Elizabeth's school plays soccer in the spring!), so it's coming up pretty soon!

During the summer, my team participates in a summer league where we play different schools down the Cape. It was my first time playing in the summer league last summer (as I was only going to be a sophomore!), and I'm so excited to be playing in it this summer! It's two nights a week, which isn't bad at all. Also, it's good practice for tryouts and games.

Do you participate on any teams for your school?

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  1. That's so weird! I thought every school played in the spring!

    xoxo, Frannie

    1. I find it weird that schools play in the spring since I'm so used to playing in the fall!