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A couple of weeks ago, I decided to allow guest posting as a feature on my blog. I created a form and everything to make it easier for myself and others who want to do a guest post, or even more than one guest post! You can check out the form here:

I encourage all of you to do a guest post, or more than one, on my blog! Guest blogging has tons of positive outcomes. They help me when I don't have any blog post ideas, even though I'll admit that hasn't happened to me yet! Also, they promote your blog and what your blog is about. It can potentially get you new readers and followers on your blog. Guest posting also opens you up to a new community! My blogging community might be a little similar to yours or completely different. It gives you a break from having to post on your blog and gives you the chance of posting on mine.

I'll basically allow a guest post on any type of topic, unless it's a topic that's really far from what my blog usually posts about. The only other restriction I have is that the post is at least 300 words. In order for Google to recognize your blog post when someone searches for a topic you had a blog post about, the post has to be at least three hundred words. (And yes, I learned that from a tweet chat I participated in!)

If you're interested in guest posting for my blog, please fill out the form above and email me at to let me know you filled out a form! The only reason why I ask that you email me after is because I don't get notified when someone fills out a form, and I don't check the form website every day. Once you fill out a form, I'll email you and ask what you want to write about, and I'll let you know which day you can post, as I already have blog posts scheduled!

Have you ever guest posted for someone?

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