Review :: Down South Collection Etsy Shop

Allie, Rachel, and Cyndi from Down South Collection were so sweet as to send me a free t-shirt from their Etsy shop to review on my blog! I received the gun powder logo t-shirt in a small. The shirt is so soft and comfy! The small is a little bit big on me, which isn't a surprise since I'm only 5'1"... but it wasn't too big, so all I had to do was roll it up a little bit on the bottom and on the sleeves! So, I thought I'd show you photos of me wearing the shirt!

One of my best friends, Jessie, took the pictures of me below in her backyard. I'm not going to lie, I had so much fun taking these pictures and basically modeling! Since I wear a uniform five days a week, I really don't get the chance to do outfit of the day posts, so I thought this post would be the best way to include one of those types of posts. With the shirt, I wore a black thick headband, black Under Armour leggings, and navy blue Hunter boots. I didn't really think the shirt would look good with jeans, so that's why I wore leggings. I plan on wearing this shirt over my bathing suit in the summer!

Out of the millions of pictures Jessie took of me (and I'm not going to include all of them!), this one is my favorite. I just had to Instagram it!

The back of the shirt has the logo in a huge size. I usually don't like wearing shirts that have images on the backside, but I actually do like the look of the logo on the back of this shirt.

The front of the shirt has a pocket with the logo on it. The pocket is actually a pretty good size, not too big and not too small, so I can easily fit anything in there if I need to. One thing I forgot to include of what I wore with the shirt is my Alex and Anis, which I wear with basically every outfit!

This is just the bottom half of the outfit - the leggings and the Hunter boots.

Make sure to check out Down South Collection! They have really good pieces of clothing for really good prices!

What would you get from Down South Collection?


  1. I don't know why, but that shirt material looks SO comfortable! I checked out the Etsy site and I love their sweatshirts. I think crew neck sweatshirts are my favorite thing, ever.

    1. I love the shirt because of how comfortable it is! You should definitely get a sweatshirt from there!