Hunter Boots

About a month ago, I ordered Hunter boots with the Amazon gift cards I earned from CheckPoints. They came in a couple of weeks ago, and I was ecstatic when they came in! However, since I go to a Catholic school and have to wear a uniform (as indicated by the tights I'm wearing in the picture above!), rain boots aren't allowed in the dress code. That means I can basically only wear them on weekends. It was raining on Friday and Saturday, so I wore them when I went out with my friends and I loved them!

The color I got was navy blue. I was going to get black, but I already have black riding boots, so I didn't want to get another pair of black boots. Also, I don't really feel like black can go with light colors such as yellow, purple, etc., and I really felt like navy blue would look good with no matter what color shade I was wearing. The boots are really durable, and I wore them with a pair of black leggings, which looked really cute together! I'm also planning on getting the wool inserts next winter so I can wear them as snow boots!

Do you have a pair of Hunter boots?

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  1. Ooooh I want some hunnters for walking my doggy!

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  2. I adore my hunter boots. I would definitely get some of the inserts, even before winter starts. If it's super cold and rainy one morning, I'll put them in and then take them off as the day gets warmer.