The Must-Have Accessory This Winter: Riding Boots

It seems like the majority of the girls I see everywhere I go lately are wearing riding boots. Do you remember when every girl just had to have a pair of UGGs? Well, now every girl just has to have a pair of riding boots! These boots are very trendy and make your legs look slim rather than making you look as if you have fat ankles, like UGGs do. Riding boots are usually in different shades of brown and black. They can be found pretty much anywhere that sells shoes and come in all different shapes and sizes - tall, short, wide-legged, etc. The riding boots that I own are shown below:

Brown doesn't go with everything, right? Well, neither does black! So, I just had to compromise and get both colors. That way, I have a pair to go with every possible outfit that I have. Where I found my boots...
Black - Madden Girl @ Macy's - $59.99
Brown - Brash @ Payless - $50

Riding boots are typically priced at $50 and above, unless a sale is going on or you have a coupon. Obviously, the bigger the brand name, the bigger the price tag! At first, I wanted $160 Enzo Angiolini riding boots from Nordstrom, but then I thought, what's the point of spending that much money on one pair when I can buy two pairs and still have money left over? So, off with the two pairs I went. :)

(Side note: My picture quality didn't come out as good as I hoped it would... So here's pictures of them from the stores instead!)

The zipper is even outlined in blue! Found here.

This pair can be found here.

If you plan on getting riding boots, I suggest you wait until around February when everything having to do with winter that's leftover will be put on sale. You'll be able to get great deals for quality shoes! However, if you can't wait, go right ahead and get your riding boots now. Happy shopping!

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