Latest Obsession: Amazon

It wasn't until about a couple of months ago that I realized how much stuff you can get from Amazon. Seriously. You can get anything - clothes, office supplies, books, you name it and it's there. I have an account that has a huge wishlist of everything I want!

I really didn't get anything from Amazon until I started getting $25 gift cards to Amazon through Checkpoints. That's when the obsession happened. I realized that I had free money to get anything! So if there were office supplies I wanted, I didn't buy them in stores. I bought them on Amazon where I could basically get them for free.

Those Hunter boots I tweeted a couple of days ago? I got them off of Amazon! I saved up enough gift cards to buy brand new Hunter boots, so off I went and bought them! Amazon also sells items cheaper than they are in actual stores, which is a plus.

Do you use Amazon?

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  1. I totally agree- Amazon is AMAZING! I actually went to order something this morning, and before I did, I checked to see if Amazon had it for a lower price (and they did!). They seriously have everything for a much better deal and for great shipping costs, too!

    xoxo, Frannie

    Thanks for the shoutout, too!!

    1. Amazon always has things for lower prices, which I love! I'm planning on doing all of my online shopping from there now :) You're welcome!