Keep Calm and Carry On

As some of you may know, I get extremely stressed out and worried about my grades and any upcoming tests/quizzes. I want to get really good grades, so I worry that my grades won't turn out the way I want them to. Stress is seriously taking over my life, and it shouldn't. It does nothing except make a person miserable.

Whenever I get super stressed, I just remember this quote. It's so relevant to so many things. When I can feel an anxiety attack coming on, I just think to myself, "keep calm and carry on." My English teacher passed little cards out with this saying (which are now on my corkboard collage!) during her midterm, and it honestly made my day. It reminded me to just remain calm and keep going because if you're stressed about something, you don't have a high performance level.

So whenever your life gets tough, remember these five words: keep calm and carry on.

How do you deal with stress?


  1. I can totally relate! This little saying has gotten me through many stressful situations :)